BLADE SERIES Women’s Compression Short Sleeves

BLADE SERIES Compression short sleeve

BLADE SERIES Women’s Compression Short Sleeves

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All tech, all performance. The Blade Series short sleeves top provides great support to major and minor muscles for the upper body while providing garment versatility. Great for all purpose sports, Talis Crew engineered this top for unparalleled performance.



The Blade Series compression wear is engineered for all purpose training and performance, to assist the body to warm up faster and to have muscles work more efficiently and comfortably. Worn during post physical activity, application of Talis Crew compression assists with muscle recovery. The Talis Crew Design Team added key features to the Blade Series specifically for regatta sports.

21 century sports science performance and protection. Talis Crew’s graduated compression design can provide global benefits to the body by:

  • Improved circulation (venous return)
  • Effectively elevating and regulating thermal body temperatures
  • Helping to reduce fatigue by damping muscle vibration
  • Worn post work out, assistance with faster recovery of muscle soreness
Lengthened Back Hem
Bacteria Protection
Compression Fabric
PVP/ Breathability
UV Protection
Flatlock Stitching
Women′s Size Chart
CHEST (cm)81 – 8689 – 9497 – 102104 – 109112 – 117
CHEST (inches)32″ – 34″35″ – 37″38″ – 40″41″ – 43″44″ – 46″
WAIST (cm)66 – 7174 – 7981 – 8689 – 9496 – 102
WAIST (inches)26″ – 28″29″ – 31″32″ – 34″35″ – 37″38″ – 40″

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